3ga to Mp3 | 3gp to Mp3

 Step 1: Select an 3ga or 3gp file (.3ga, .3gp2, .3g2, .3gp)

 Step 2: Select Mp3 Quality

Low(96 kbit/s)
Medium(128 kbit/s)
High(192 kbit/s)
Highest(256 kbit/s)

 Step 3: Set Mp3 Tag Properties (optional)

 Step 4: Finished

 How to convert 3ga to Mp3 online

3ga to Mp3 converter - converts any 3ga audio file to compressed mp3 file online. Apart from 3ga our converter also supports 3gp2, 3g2 and 3gp file extensions. 3ga file format is based upon 3rd generation partnership project or 3GPP which was built to develop specifications for the third generation mobile systems also called 3G. Though most of the audio players support to play 3ga audio files, it is the most popular format for Nokia and Samsung mobile platforms. If you have some audio files in 3ga or 3gp file format and wanted to put them on a website or share with others, it is advisable to convert them to mp3 formats. Our converter can convert almost every 3GPP specified format to mp3. In addition to converting the file, you can also set the Metadata or information of the mp3 file which is however optional. Unlike 3ga, 3gp file formats can also contain video information. In case, you upload a 3gp file, our converter will extract the audio from it and save it as a compressed Mp3 file.