Aiff to Mp3 Converter

 Step 1: Select an Aiff or Aif file (.aiff, .aif, .aifc)

 Step 2: Select Mp3 Quality

Low(96 kbit/s)
Medium(128 kbit/s)
High(192 kbit/s)
Highest(256 kbit/s)

 Step 3: Set output Mp3 Tag (optional)

 Step 4: Finished

 About Aiff to Mp3 converter Online

Aiff to Mp3 converter can change any tiff file and re-encode it to an mp3 format. Aiff files come with different file extensions, namely, .aiff, .aif or .aifc. Audio Interchange File Format or in other words aiff is a popular audio file format commonly used on personal computers. There are several advantages of aiff files like loop point and musical note data embedded in the file.However, there is one distinct disadvantage of aiff files; they are uncompressed audio file format and hence the file sizes can be large. There is also a compress version of aiff which is .aifc, but the level of compression is not as good as an mp3. If you want to put such a file on your website or send by email, it is recommended to convert the file into a compressed audio format. Mp3 is one of the most popular and compressed audio format with very less space requirements. Our Aiff to Mp3 takes care of the conversion. All you need to do is select the aiff file, click on the convert button and download the output mp3 file. The free online application maintains the quality of the aiff file and reproduces it in mp3 format accurately. Apple mac has developed its own version of aiff, but with our aiff to mp3 converter, you need not worry about the origin of the file. Our software can convert any aiff file to mp3. Since our application is a webapplication, it will work on any OS (both Windows and Mac) with a browser.
The interface of our application is intuitive. Please follow the steps above one after the other to convert all your files. This converter supports file sizes up to 100 MB and we think this will suffice for most of the users. Should you need higher limit, please drop us a line and we will increase the file upload limit.

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