Amr to Mp3 converter

 Step 1: Select a Amr (adaptive multi-rate audio) file (.amr)

 Step 2: Select Mp3 Quality

Low(96 kbit/s)
Medium(128 kbit/s)
High(192 kbit/s)
Highest(256 kbit/s)

 Step3: Convert it to Mp3 format

 About Amr to Mp3 converter Online

Amr to Mp3 - is our free and unique conversion tool to convert adaptive multi-rate audio files to mp3 files online. Amr audio format uses an audio data compression method that is optimized for speech coding. Android phones are the most popular platform where amr format is used. Many mobile phone audio's use amr file format. However, if you need to convert the amr files to mp3 format which is the more popular and compressed audio format, then you can use our application and convert amr to mp3. There is no need to install any 3rd party software to use our web application, all you need is a web browser. Hence, our amr to mp3 converter will work both on Microsoft Windows OS and Apple Mac OS.