Crop Video | Resize Video

 Step 1: Select a Video to Crop or Resize

 Step 2: Select Crop Area Or Resize Area

 Step3: Finished

 Crop Video Online - How to resize videos

Crop Video - is a free online web application that can be used to crop a part of the video. Cropping in the current context does not mean cutting video. Our cropping video application does what it says. It crops a part of the frame from the original frame size. There are many reasons why you would want to crop videos. One case is if your video has a black strip in a part of the screen (example: left along the height). If you want to remove this strip, select the whole video screen leaving out the black strip part of the video. Crop video will read the original file, remove the unwanted parts from the video and re-encode it for you to download.

Main features of Crop Video
1. Full control of the area to crop. You can literally drag the area with our mouse and exactly position the area needed.
2. Support for almost any video format. However, we obtained the best results for Mp4.
3. For the same reason mentioned above, we provide the output video in Mp4 format.
4. The audio of the video is not touched during the process and will be exactly the same as the original video.
5. No installations required. All you need is a browser and the video file to convert.