Mp3Care is absolutely free to use and will remain so forever. Even, registration on our site is not necessary to use the applications.

The documents uploaded to Mp3Care servers are stored in a temporary folder for conversion. All these files are automatically deleted from our system every 48 hours leaving no trace of it.

YES. We have extensive knowledge and experience in audio and video conversion. If you want any of these features in your software, please contact us.

There is a 40 MB limit to the file size that can be uploaded at Mp3Care. We believe that this limit should be sufficient in most of the cases. If you however require larger file size requirement, please let us know.

An error message can mean a whole lot of possible reasons. The MOST likely reason is that the audio file is corrupted or has some information that can't be decoded in it. These cases are rare, if you got the error message, please send me the file and we will work on the conversion offline.

Nothing! Our applications donot see any special software. It is not OS dependent and will work on Windows, Linux or Mac. All you need is a web browser to visit the application, choose the file and click the convert button. We have tested our application using all the common browsers, but, we personally recommend Google Chrome browser.

There are multiple ways to get in touch with us for support. You can post on our Facebook page, use our contact page OR post on our google+ page.