Flv to Mp4 Video Converter

 Step 1: Select adobe flash video file (.flv)

 Step 2: Output Mp4 Video Settings (optional)

Same as Input 240p 360p 480p 720p

 Step3: Finished

 Flv to Mp4 converter Online

Flv to Mp4 - video converter can take adobe flash (flv) as input and change it to an Mp4 video without the need for any 3rd party software. Flash Flv is a popular video format used by many online video sites including youtube. Flash videos are usually delivered (streamed) using flash player and can also be embedded in swf files. Though flv is the standard file format for streaming video over internet it requires flash player which is a downside if you want to play the video on a PC. Our video converter converts the flash flv files into mp4 videos that can be played by any video player on your PC. Apple iOS does not even support flash player plugin and hence alternate methods like adobe flash media server are needed. On the audio layer, flash files support mp3 compression. On the other hand, Mp4 which is an ISO developed video format which is based upon the quicktime video format and supports many features including subtitles, still images etc. Mp4 can also be audio only and usually have a m4a file extension. Whatever the information in your flv file and however complex it is, our flv to mp4 video converter can decode any flv file and convert it to Mp4 video. The main advantage of our software is its non-dependency on any other software. All you need is a browser and we recommend Google Chrome.