Mkv to Avi Video Converter

 Step 1: Select a Matroska mkv video file (.mkv extension)

 Step 2: Output Avi Video Settings (optional)

Same as Input 240p 360p 480p 720p

 Step3: Finished

 Mkv to Avi converter Online

Mkv to Avi - is our matroska video to Avi format converter online. Matroska is a free open standard container format that has a file extension ".mkv". One of the many unique features of an Mkv video is that it can hold not only video but also images, subtitles and other information all in one file. The Matroska format is similar to other video formats and its specification is entirely opensource. The mka file format is the audio version of matroska. Avi on the other hand is the audio video interlace format that was developed by Microsoft. Both avi and mkv file formats can be played in any popular video player. Though windows media player is popular to play avi files and vlc to play mkv files. Mkv to avi converter can take mkv file as an input and convert it avi video format. You also have the possibility to select the quality of output. However, more the quality of output, larger will be the file size and takes longer time to process. You can convert any mkv video file to avi format using our application without the need for any codec for software. We decode the mkv automatically and re-encode it to an avi video file.