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 Mp4 to Avi converter Online

Mp4 to Avi - free video converter can accept any Mp4 video file as input and convert it to an audio video interleave or AVI format. Mp4 or MPEG-4 video file is a digital audio-video format is a popular media container developed by ISO. Avi on the other hand is a media container developed by Microsoft as a part of its video for Windows technology. Mpeg 4 additionally has extra supports like menu support which avi does not support. Mp4 is optimized for streaming and has attachment support whereas Avi misses all these features. Quality wise, though there may not be very huge differences between mpeg and avi, mpeg 4 is gaining popularity quite fast and is becoming a standard as the high quality video streaming format. There are several other situations where an avi format is more advantageous, for example avi supports Theora video and PCM audio file format on both of which mpeg4 has trouble. So if you are having trouble with a mpeg file and wanted to convert it to Microsoft avi format, then you can use our application to convert the mp4 to avi video files.