Ogg to Mp3 converter

 Step 1: Select a Ogg (vorbis) file (.ogg)

 Step 2: Set Mp3 Metadata for output

 Step3: Finished

 Free Ogg to Mp3 converter Online

Ogg to Mp3 - is a free audio converts that changes any ogg file to Mp3 online. Ogg audio file format was invented by Xiph Foundation and is also currently maintained by it. The inventors claim that it is the best audio file format optimized for "efficient streaming" of high quality music. Ogg is free and also unrestricted by any patent issues. Ogg formats work with "ogg pages". If you have some ogg files and wanted to convert them to the popular mp3 format then our application can be used to convert the ogg audio files to Mp3 format. Mp3 has a distinctive advantage of being one of the low space occupying (compressed) audio format. However, the low space comes with the price of data loss (mp3 is lossy). So if your requirement is low file size, then you should be using mp3 file format. One the advantages of our application is that it does not need you to install any 3rd party library or software. Our application works just with a web browser. Select the ogg file and click on the convert button to save the mp3. The meta data for the Mp3 can also be set that makes it searchable and indexable.