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  About Powerpoint to Video - Ppt to Mp4 conversion

Powerpoint to Video - is a free online application that can be used to convert any powerpoint to video. Powerpoint is a Microsoft presentation software used to design slides that can be projected to audience during a presentation. One main advantage of converting powerpoint to video is to protect the presentation from being changed when posting online. The second reason that users may want to convert ppt to mp4 is to enable users on mobile and tablet devices to be able to read the presentation without the need to install Microsoft Powerpoint. There are several software online that can be used for the purpose, however, if you do not want to go through the hassle of installing software, then use our online application. The main features of our powerpoint to mp4 converter are:

Powerpoint to Video - Main Features:

1. Embedded resources like fonts, tables, styles etc are all reproduced in the video.
2. High quality video output. Our intelligent pptx to mp4 converter will determine the optimal quality and file size.
3. Support for large presentations
4. Can convert both ppt and pptx powerpoint formats. Additionally pps and ppsx slideshow formats are also supported.