Rotate Video Online

 Step 1: Select a video file to Rotate (.avi, .mp4, .mkv and .flv supported)

 Step 2: Select Rotation Settings

90° clockwise (to right) rotate 90° clockwise
90° counter clockwise (to left) rotate 90° counter clockwise
180° (flip upside down) rotate 180° clockwise

 Step3: Finished

 How to rotate video Online

Rotate Video - can rotate video and save it. You can choose the angle of rotation, namely, clockwise by 90°, counter clockwise by 90° or 180° flip. We currently added support to rotate mp4, avi, mkv and flv videos as these are the most popular ones. Should you need any other format also included, please let us know. If you shot a video on a mobile and realize that it is rotated, not to worry, you can use our Rotate Video Application and change the video orientation. If you are trying to view an mp4, avi, mkv or flv and see that it is flipped sideways, then this application can rotate your video and save it in the new orientation.
1. NO need for any other software to be installed on your computer
2. You only need a web browser to rotate video
3. Support for various input video formats, namely, mp4, avi, mkv and flv
4. Various rotations possible, clockwise, anticlockwise and flipping