Slow Motion Video & Video Accelerator

 Step 1: Select a video file (.mkv, .avi, .flv, .mp4, .mov, .wmv)

 Step 2: Audio settings

Remove Audio (recommended)
Adjust audio accordingly

 Step 3: Slow motion or Accelerate?

0.25x (very slow)
0.5x (slow)
2x (fast)
4x (very fast)

 Step 4: Finished

 Slow Motion or Accelerate Video Online

Slow Motion & Video Acceleration - is a unique application that can change the speed of any video file. It can convert a video to slow motion or fast pace the video. If you have a video and wanted to show it in slow motion, then use our application to change pace of the video. You can either change the pace of the audio to match the video or completely remove the audio. If you choose to keep the audio, our application will change the pace of the audio in order to match the slow motion video. There are 2 video paces to choose from, namely, slow and very slow. Our application also allows for video acceleration which is the opposite of slow motion. Using the video acceleration option, you can speed up the motion of the video to various levels, namely, 2X (2 times current speed) and 4X (4 times the current speed). Slow motion and video acceleration works with any video file format. We support avi, mp4, mov, mkv, wmv or flv. Should you need any other video format, please let us know and we will add it to the current application.