Wav to Mp3 converter

 Step 1: Select a Wav audio file

 Step 2: Settings for Mp3 output format

 Step3: Convert it to Mp3 format

 About Wav (wave) to Mp3 converter Online

Wav to Mp3 - converts any Microsoft lossless Wav (wave) audio file format to compressed Mp3 audio format. Wav (wave) file format which was jointly developed by Microsoft and IBM predates as the standard audio file format since windows 95 days. However, Mp3 file format is relatively robust and compressed file format invented by Fraunhofer Institute. In many cases when you want a good balance between quality vs file size with the later being more important then mp3 should be your choice of file format. Our application can be used to make this conversion from Wav (wave) to mp3. It is very easy to use our conversion tool and it only needs a browser. Select the wav (wave) file and click on the conversion button to convert to mp3 and save it.

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