Wma to Mp3 converter

 Step 1: Select a Wma (windows media audio) format file (.wma)

 Step 2: Settings for Mp3 output format (optional)

 Step3: Convert it to Mp3 format

 About Wma to Mp3 converter Online

Wma to Mp3 - webapplication can be used to convert any windows media audio (.wma) file to mp3 format online for free. Wma is the popular audio compression technology developed by Microsoft. Wma gives a very good competition to both mp3 and real audio formats. In order to play wma files you need to have windows media player installed on your computer. Special audio codecs are needed in order to play or convert wma formats. On the other hand, mp3 is one of the most popular audio formats online. In our application "wma to mp3", select any wma file in step 1 and click on the convert button on step 2. A popup with the URL to download mp3 file will be presented. Quality wise both wma and mp3 are roughly the same, hence if you need mp3 because of any particular scenario you have, then you can use the application above and convert the wma files to mp3.